Zenit General Manager: Our volleyball is clean. It is unfair not to let the Russian team go to the Olympics

Volleyball “Zenith” under the leadership of the head coach of the Russian men’s national team Tuomas Sammelvuo is preparing to start in the Super League. On October 26, Petersburgers will play against Ugra-Samotlor at the home SIBUR-Arena. 

Zenit general manager Ali Khalilulin, in an interview with Sports Day after Day correspondent, answered the allegations of outbidding the players, clarified the question of the Russian Cuban and said that he thinks about the threat of Russia being removed from the Tokyo Olympics 2020. 

– According to the results of the summer transfer campaign, Zenit was accused of luring strong players such as Roman Poroshin from Belogorye and Igor Filippov from the Ural from competitors. 

– We are a club with high goals. Therefore, we want to see as strong players as possible. If the player is on a valid contract, we negotiate the terms and acquire the player. There is nothing like that here. 

It is impossible to just pick a player without paying anything. In the current contract, any player states that in the event of a contract break, he must pay the club compensation. In any case, when deciding to move to another club, the player must refund the prescribed amount to his former club. It simply cannot be otherwise. 

– The order of compensation amounts?

– This is a trade secret, but I can say that the amounts vary within very large limits. Depending on the strength, player status. The amount of compensation may be minimal …

– Symbolic?

– Yes. And for a top player, the amount can be very large and even unreasonably large. I can say that before we did not have much practice in paying for contract breaks. Before we started to do this, the amounts for the gap were moderate. After we did this, many clubs re-signed the contracts, increasing the amount for breaking the contract at times. Thus, we have changed the Russian volleyball market. 

Such a famous person as Taras Htey, now the Belogorye sports director, was very dissatisfied with the transfer of Roman Poroshin from Belgorod to Zenit with a break in the contract and was going to “challenge the transition.” What development did this story have?

– There was no development. He is outraged. This is clear. Anyone would be outraged. But first of all, the player’s opinion is important. When Poroshin made the decision to move to our club, he understood that it would cost so much. It is unpleasant for every club to lose a top-level player, but this is a market. We act within the law. 

Between people there may be gentlemanly, informal agreements, but, as in life, someone promises and makes, while someone promises and does not. This is life. Gentlemen’s agreements may or may not work. 

– Zenit was looking for Russian players because the club has a limit on foreign players (no more than two in a team). Now it is the German Georg Grozer and the Cuban Halo Kamejo. True, Kameho has long received a Russian passport, but according to the regulations he is still a legionnaire since he still has not completed the procedure for changing sports citizenship. It’s right?

– Yes, today Kamejo is a legionnaire. A quarantine period of two years must pass. Next year he will act as a Russian player. The quarantine will expire just after the start of the 2020 Olympics, so the Halo does not fall into the Russian team at the Olympic Games. 

Jerry Rolon

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