What data reveals about each country’s Cricket World Cup 2019

Along with the host UK, Australia, Bangladesh, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Cricket World Cup qualifiers are the 10 countries to compete in the cup, participating in the 2019 ICC ODI Championship. After the teams struggle according to the single-circuit league method, the countries that make it to the top four will reach the semifinals. This year’s tournament will be a World Cup organized for the first time since 1992 in a single-circuit league procedure. In the world cups held from 1992 to 2019, the teams were divided into two groups. (16 countries participated in the World Cup in 2007 and four groups of four fought.)

Who wins the tournament?

England, the host, joins the trophy as the best team in the world. England, which won 70.7% of the ODIs it has played since the last world cup held in Australia and New Zealand in 2015, is the biggest candidate for its championship. If we look at the ODI winning percentages of other ambitious countries in the last four years to explain how the host is in shape; India is second with 65.9% and South Africa with third place with 64.4%. Australia, which has won four of the last five tournaments, is only 50.7 percent of ODI winning. Another reason why the British are shown as the most important candidate of the championship is that it is the best team of the tournament with a 2.521 win/loss ratio. Though England always manages to meet expectations differently. The host country had great disappointment by not leaving the groups four years ago.

Although England is the usual suspect of the championship, it is not possible to ignore India, which has two of the top 10 players of the tournament, Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah. It has to be said that he is a good enough player to open a separate bracket to Kohli and win a world cup, and even the best, possibly the best ODI striker of all time.

Australia nicknamed the “tournament team”, is one of the ambitious countries of the tournament, with the return of David Warner and Steve Smith, who ended up with the penalty they had for their test match with South Africa last year, and with the self-confidence of their championship in four of the last five cups. the other will be

It is enough to say that South Africa has one of the top five players in each category to evaluate the championship opportunities of South Africa. New Zealand, which played the final in 2015 but never won a world cup, is among the countries that can surprise.

Pakistan, the most unpredictable team of the tournament, will also be one of the hottest matches of the tournament. Pakistan, which will face India in Old Trafford on June 16, can win every game as well as lose all matches. This does not surprise anyone.

The country that can be qualified as the surprise team of the tournament in Bangladesh. The South Asian country, which played the semi-final in the ICC Champions Cup in 2017, is coming to England with its strongest team in the history of the world cups. Let’s also note that Bangladesh played the final in the Asian Cup last year.

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