Transgender people are eager for the Tokyo Olympics. The shock of the basics awaits us

Several athletes who have undergone sex reassignment try to pass the Olympic selection for participation in the 2020 Games. World sports management is afraid of ships.

The Tokyo Olympics may be the first in history to feature transgender athletes. Now several of them are taking part in the Olympic qualifying tournaments for women. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is not happy about this, but it seems impossible to counteract this and not fall under numerous lawsuits.

IOC will not be able to ignore the transgender problem

The most real chance to go to Tokyo has a weightlifter (now correctly call her that) from New Zealand named Laurel Hubbard. She is now 42 years old, and more recently, she was Gavin Hubbard and she performed in men’s competitions. Gavin did not achieve much success, although he was the champion of Oceania, and in the region of 35 years, he quietly ended his career and began to work in the local federation. And then he suddenly decided to change sex and became Laurel. And here the fun begins.

An age weightlifter in the heaviest category over 87 kg unexpectedly won the 2017 World Cup silver. Then there was a series of injuries that nearly left Laurel without a chance in Tokyo. But at the last moment, she nevertheless healed and took a high sixth place in the last world championship. Now her prospects of getting to Tokyo are quite tangible. To do this, she needs to defeat an opponent from Australia at the tournament in April. Hubbard’s personal record allows you to do this with ease, so the main thing is not to get hurt again.

There is also a Canadian cyclist Rachel Mackinnon, two-time world champion in cycling on the track, but – thank God for her rivals at the Games – only in the category of veterans over 35 years old, and not in the absolute. And in American student sports, there is now a real boom in transgender people. The problem is so acute that separate laws on them exist in almost every state. Somewhere, to get the right to speak among women, it’s enough to just “feel like a woman”. Other states require documentation of surgery and hormone therapy.

Be that as it may, it is now obvious that it is impossible to turn a blind eye to this problem. Social trends inevitably affect professional sports. Especially when huge money and status are at stake. It’s just not possible to shrug off transgender people and forbid them to speak. And letting them compete freely among women only because “they feel like them” is a direct murder of women’s sports. After all, girls will have practically no chances to compete with men in any sport. Remember how some time ago, American super tennis player Serena Williams devastatingly lost to a semi-amateur man.

Anyone who wants to change their gender – walking

The most famous transgender rights fighter in the world is the American triathlete, Chris Mosier. Now it should be talked about in a masculine way, although Monsieur was born a woman. He began the process of sex change only at the age of 30, officially changing his name and starting to take testosterone injections. From then on, Monsieur, we must pay tribute to him, stopped participating in competitions among women.

Jerry Rolon

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