Tokyo Olympics / Para 1 year postponed Various issues to secure venue

It has been more than a month since the opening of the Tokyo Olympics was postponed to July 23 next year. The first hurdle for the event is to secure a venue one year ahead, but we have come to understand the challenges that may delay the compensation of affected companies and the urban development of the city.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the opening of the Tokyo Games was postponed to the Olympic Games on July 23 next year and the Paralympics on August 24 next year.

While the end of the infection is not visible, the Games Organizing Committee is currently identifying issues in each field with the aim of holding the event one year later, and the venue and competition schedule that will serve as the basis for a concrete plan. I want to decide this by summer.

The first hurdle is whether it is possible to secure 43 competition venues, athlete villages, and the same venue that will serve as the base of the media one year later, but in order to realize it, compensation for companies affected and urban development of the city will be realized. Even now, I have come to understand the issues that may delay the process.

Specifically, the use of “Tokyo Big Sight”, which is the base of the media, will be restricted because about half of the facilities will not be available for business until next autumn after the end of the tournament. , It is estimated that the total number of affected companies will be over 50,000, and some companies are calling for compensation, such as securing alternative places.

At Yokohama Stadium, which is the venue for baseball and softball, we plan to use the Yokohama City Hall beside the stadium for competition management. Construction is scheduled to begin, and difficult adjustments are unavoidable.

The Organizing Committee will proceed with full-scale negotiations with the owners of all venues in the future, and requires careful consideration.

After that, we will continue to review the plan for the entire tournament, including the items to be reduced, by accumulating how much additional expenses will be required for postponement.

Exhibition planning company “Olympics new corona postponed triple pain”

Tokyo Big Sight, located in Koto Ward, Tokyo, is the largest convention facility in Japan with exhibition halls and conference rooms, and exhibits and events of all industries are held throughout the year.

One of the affected companies, Zeal Associates, headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, has more than 100 employees and handles interior and planning for exhibitions and events. Last year’s sales were about 2.2 billion yen.

Last year, about 40% of the work related to exhibitions was held by Tokyo Big Sight, which means that we are expecting a V-shaped recovery in business results after the fall when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics are over and the use of Tokyo Big Sight is resumed. It was.
However, due to an unexpected postponement of one year, the “East Exhibition Building”, which is about half of Tokyo Big Sight, will be unavailable until next autumn due to preparations for the tournament, and the large-scale machine tool trade fair scheduled for December will be canceled. It has already been affected.
In addition, the number of jobs since April is drastically reduced due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and timber is piled up at the subsidiary’s factory without being used.

The exhibition industry is not only a place of business for small and medium-sized companies to exhibit, but also has a wide base where various industries are involved in a single event, and postponing the event may affect employment in the industry. It complains that it is necessary to provide compensation such as securing an alternative place during the period when it is unavailable.

President Daisuke Nagamon said, “Exhibition work was reduced by the original plan of the Olympics, reduced by the new coronavirus, and reduced by the postponement of the Olympics, and it is in a state of“ triple pain ”. Anyway, providing a place to open the exhibition etc. I want. We can’t do anything without it. “

Alternative exhibition hall About 1 year extension

Due to the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there is a possibility that exhibition venues in Tokyo will become tight, so Tokyo is a temporary exhibition of the Tokyo Big Sight, which has been opened in the Aomi area of ​​the waterfront since last year. We are temporarily discontinuing the demolishing of the building and adjusting the usage to extend it for about one year.

During the period before and after the Tokyo Games, Tokyo Big Sight, located in the Ariake district of Koto Ward, will become a hub for media both inside and outside Japan, and will not be usable as a venue for exhibitions and other events.

For this reason, the city opened a temporary exhibition building at Tokyo Big Sight, which is approximately 23,000 square meters in the Aomi area of ​​the waterfront area last April, and was planned to be demolished after it was used until November this year. ..

However, due to the one-year postponement of the Tokyo Games, there is a possibility that the venues of exhibitions in Tokyo will become tight, so the city will temporarily suspend the demolition scheduled in December and extend the use for about one year. Adjusting in the direction.

“A sense of crisis” in the redevelopment plan of Yokohama City Hall

"A sense of crisis" in the redevelopment plan of Yokohama City Hall
Concerning the Yokohama stadium, which is the venue for baseball and softball, there is concern that the redevelopment project, which is expected to be a “promoting agent for local excitement,” will be delayed.

The Yokohama City Hall adjoining the stadium and the road has an 8-story administrative building and a building that houses the city council. I want to use it for people.

Meanwhile, Yokohama City plans to move the functions of the government office to another location by next month, and sell the dilapidated government building in March next year to start repairs and dismantling.

With the redevelopment, the government building will be used as a hotel, and a 30-story building that houses companies and universities will also be constructed, and it is planned to become a new center of the area.

However, with the postponement of the Olympics for one year, the impact on the planned construction schedule is inevitable.

A person in charge of Yokohama City said, “I want you to use Yokohama Stadium at the Olympic Games, but you must prevent the schedule from being delayed and the” hollowing out of the city “to be prolonged. I want to make it compatible with the redevelopment project” Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said, “I’m talking hard with the company involved in the redevelopment right now. At the Olympics, I would like you to concentrate on using it for as short a time as possible and then start construction from there. I’m looking for it. “

Organization Committee “I want to explain politely and seek cooperation”

While the Organizing Committee wants to draw conclusions as quickly as possible about securing venues, which are the prerequisites for preparations for all competitions, it emphasizes the need to negotiate carefully according to the circumstances of each venue.

Chairman Mori said, “The contract details and owner’s position differ depending on the venue. I would like to explain to the other party carefully and seek cooperation”.