After holding an exceptional and surprise press conference at the Real Madrid training centre, Zinedine Zidane has made his decision: he will no longer be the Madrid club coach next season after winning his third Champions League in a row.

The announcement made by Real Madrid late in the morning had left some semblance of doubt. Zinedine Zidane was going to organize a surprise press conference. To talk about his future? Cristiano Ronaldo’s? In the end, it was indeed the trainer’s own future that was discussed at 1:15 p.m. The Real Madrid coach appeared in front of the press, accompanied by a very marked Florentino Perez. It was the Madrid president who spoke first, and we immediately understood. Zidane will no longer be Real Madrid’s coach. This surprise decision was carefully thought out according to the applicant. “I thought about it a lot before taking it but that’s how it was, I made this decision and I will not have gone back on it. “, He conceded.


But why such a decision? The man with the three Champions League as a coach did not go there in four ways: he did not feel any more the man of the situation to carry out his mission in the White House. “After three years, this team needed another speech, another working technique and that’s why I made this decision. “By excluding any proposal to coach in another club at the moment, Zidane has nevertheless maintained the doubt on the real reasons for this surprising departure. He often mentioned the need for a change of cycle, without giving more details on the life of the locker room during the whole season which ended in apotheosis with the coronation of Kiev. But, true to himself and to the player he was, Zizou once again wanted to take care of his exit. Unlike 2006, this time it is successful.


Zinedine Zidane, why this surprise press conference?
I made the decision to no longer be the Real Madrid coach. I think it’s time to hand over. It’s an important moment and I needed to say it. After three years, this team needed another speech, another working technique and that’s why I made this decision. I thank the President for giving me this opportunity and I will thank him all my life. But today, for me, for everyone, we had to stop.

Are you leaving Real Madrid for good?
As the president said, it’s a “see you soon”. Madrid gave me everything, I will stay close to the club all my life. For me, this decision is clear, it’s time to change for me and for the players. After three years is the right decision. Afterwards, I can understand the supporters but I want to thank them for their support and not only when I was a coach but also when I was a player. There have been complicated moments this season but it is part of this club and at times, it is good that the fans shake you. It is a club where the requirement is high and it is like that throughout the club, so thank you to everyone.

Why did you make this decision?
There were difficult moments but I was always the right person. I do not forget the hard times despite all the successes and it makes you think. And I think today is the time.

Have you briefed the players?
The players are aware. I did not speak directly with them but everyone knows it. I spoke with the captains, with Sergio Ramos. I will not tell you when I made this decision.


You said you were thirsty for victories a few months ago, so why did you change?
I do not know. I’m just saying that after three years, it’s my decision and it’s really time to change. In a season, a lot can happen and I don’t see things clearly enough for next season, that’s why I make this choice.

Does this departure also ring the end of a cycle in the locker room?
No, I’m not going to go in there. He’s a workforce that has always shown he is good at winning stuff and he has. What is going on now, I don’t need to talk about.

Does your departure mean that you are going to train elsewhere?
I’m not going to coach another team right now. The message, I send it to the entire workforce, to all the players. I talked about it with Sergio Ramos, we have known each other for a long time and he understood my decision. He is a leader, a captain and it was a real pleasure to share another three years with him. There is a stage, a moment that is fully experienced but at a moment, you have to know how to stop. For the good of the club and the team, you have to turn the page to continue winning. And I didn’t think it was possible with me. I don’t want to live another season where it doesn’t go well. I think it is my intelligence to want to finish well that makes me make this decision. I’m not tired of training.

We see the president surprised, in what state of mind are you?
I feel good, it’s not a good day but it’s not a sad time either. It is a complicated moment because I am leaving the club but I am not sad. I will always stay near the club. My relationship will not change with this club that I love.


Is it the psychological fatigue of having to make choices that pushes you to stop?
No, it’s part of the job of a coach to have to make choices. These are not decisions that I like but it does not fit into my decision. I make this choice for the good of everyone. You have to go beyond the emotion of the day.

What could have made you change your mind?
When I make a decision, I never change my mind. I thought about it a lot before taking it but that’s how it was, I made this decision and I will not have gone back on it.

Did the declaration and the future of Cristiano Ronaldo play a role in your choice?
My decision has nothing to do with Cristiano Ronaldo’s statement.

If you hadn’t won your third Champions League in Kiev, would you have continued?
I don’t know but it’s possible that it influenced.

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