Importance of the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are one of the most important events worldwide, bringing together millions of people who meet every four years in a city previously selected to play different sports and activities. The Olympic Games transcend borders and bring together individuals from all over the world that can stand out in one of the very varied sports disciplines as well as observe and perhaps meet some of the greatest and most famous athletes in history. Here then appears the importance of this worldwide event that undoubtedly mobilizes millions of people across the planet.

The tradition of the Olympic Games comes from Ancient Greece, where the games were also played every four years and were held in the region of Olympia, near Mount Olympus where the gods were considered to live. In these games (officially known as the Ancient Games), the participants came from all the Greek polis and congregated to perform sports activities in honor of the gods of each city. At that time, needless to say, there were only some of the disciplines that are developed today, especially those related to athletics.

The Olympic Games disappeared over time and were resumed only at the end of the 19th century and in 1890 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded, which is the one that exists until today and is responsible for both the choice of cities venues as well as development, investment, and planning in conjunction with the chosen city of the event itself.

The modern Olympic Games have gathered thousands of athletes of the most famous and important in history since their recovery until today. Many of them have become stars from the moment they participated in the Games and won medals or some recognition. At present, the sports played in this event are very numerous and year after year new disciplines that are considered official are added.

The importance of these types of events today has to do with two main elements: on the one hand, the act of bringing together thousands of people from all over the world who are ready for fifteen days to play sports or enjoy the show. On the other hand, it is an important economic activity that moves billions of dollars in investment, secondary activities and tourism, which represents a benefit for the economy of the host city as well as for the means that transmit the skills and for the International Olympic Committee

In recent years, examples of success are the Barcelona Games ’92 and Sydney ’00. The model of Barcelona is the one that has given more joy to an organizing city in recent years. The celebration of these Games 20 years ago is considered an example of profitability. The secret of success is in civil work: its ability to structure the city. The Olympic investments of Barcelona and their socioeconomic impact have no comparison with any other city organizing the Games. Years later, Beijing followed (from afar) this model, London will have a minor impact and a greater economic benefit (26,000 million), and Rio ’16 expects to obtain the results of the Spanish city-based, once again, on the Catalan model.

Jerry Rolon

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