He can rewrite the history of the NHL. German super-scorer is ready to beat all the stars of the league

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The NHL is on the verge of a unique event that until recently seemed fantastic. No, it’s not about Alexander Ovechkin ’s crazy scoring schedule. I readily believe that the Russian will break Wayne Gretzky’s eternal record, but at least three more years will have to wait. Although now the captain of the “Washington” gives cause for discussion every single day, relegating to the background everything else.

And yet there is one extremely intriguing moment in the current championship. For the first time in history, the German top scorer, Edmonton striker Leon Dreisaitl, may become the top scorer. Currently, he is three points ahead of the closest pursuer, his teammate Connor McDavid. “Art Ross” previously won representatives of only five countries, mainly Canadians. One Chekhov was blown away by Jaromir Jagr, who achieved such success five times. The Russians have four trophies ( Evgeni Malkin  – twice, Ovechkin and Nikita Kucherov ), the Swedes – three (Peter Forsberg, brothers Daniel and Henrik Sedin). Americans only have to be proud of Patrick Kaneonce ahead of the rest. And that’s all! Even from the Finns, including the legendary Teemu Selanne and Jari Kurri, nobody managed to do this.

Potential Art Ross Drysaytlya will become a bomb for one more reason. Until recently, the German was perceived in the public mind as a successful opportunist who stuck to McDavid and rode with him as a trailer. Last season, he unexpectedly scored 50 goals. Only Ovechkin had more. However, even this fact did not make him speak of a German as a superhero. If the Oilers got into the playoffs, play Dreisightl in a more popular club somewhere in the East, if he himself were a brighter figure personally, then probably in conditional Toronto, Montreal and Boston he would have composed odes around the clock mode.

For Edmonton, he has long been a “German Gretzky”, for the rest he is just an extreme striker in McDavid’s three. This is a very accurate observation of one of the North American colleagues, used by him only at the end of this January. Even at the beginning of the current championship, when the German collected in October statistics that are unrealistic for today – 25 (12 + 13) points in 14 matches (the last time only Wayne Gretzky managed to do something similar in 1993), he was not completely understood an independent star. In equal compositions and most, he played next to McDavid, and the rare attempts by head coach Dave Tippett to make two more or less solid attacking links, separating the two main stars, did not lead to anything good.

Each, as it turned out, needs good partners to be as effective as possible. Once upon a time, Pittsburgh went through the same problems with Sidney Crosby and Eugene Malkin. The German, with all due respect to his strengths, is not able to single-handedly constantly generate threats at the gates of others, as the Russian managed at his age. Last December, he was completely exhausted, gaining 14 points in 14 matches and received a terrifying indicator of utility “-24”.

An amazing circumstance brought him back to life – a call to the main team from the farm club of the young striker Kyler Yamamoto. This tiny and very technical American with a height of just over 170 centimetres was once given a lot of advances. But he did not succeed in gaining a foothold in the main team, he did not break the AHL either. As soon as he was brought to the German, the feast began. Dreisaitl scored 17 (6 + 11) points in nine matches of the previous month and “+9”, Yamamoto – 7 (4 + 3) and “+6”. It was thought that Anton Burdasov might well have appeared in the place of the American; he had better business in the training camp. It is a pity that we will never know what came of this. Ryan Nugent Hopkins is now in third place giving the combination the necessary balance. Plus, McDavid didn’t go anywhere, with whom Dreisaitl spends one and a half minutes in each majority.

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