Everything you need to know about Basketball

From New York to London and Moscow. From Sarajevo to Buenos Aires and Los Angeles everyone knows, perhaps, the best ball game – basketball. Many sports require their fans large financial costs, the availability of special equipment and professional equipment. In turn, for a game of basketball, it is enough to have a ball, an annular basket and a desire to play.

What is basketball?

Classic basketball is a team confrontation with a fast and exciting pace of the game. Each athlete on the court gets the opportunity to play both in attack and in defence. Two teams of 5 people play in basketball on the field (12 people in the team) with an unlimited number of substitutions over 4 periods of 10 or 12 minutes of pure time.

Since the inception of the game and this is more than 120 years, the development of basketball has not stopped. From year to year, professional basketball players increase technical skills and the pace of the game, which positively affects the entertainment both when watching on TV or online, and in the stands of the basketball hall.

The official size of the basketball court, approved by FIBA: 28 by 15 meters. Each athlete has the right to use 420 square meters of the field at his discretion.

What do you need to play basketball?

In addition to the court and the basketball players themselves, a ring, a ball and a shield are vital for the game:

– the basketball ring is located at the same height for men and women at 3 meters and 5 centimetres (unlike the volleyball net ) and has a diameter of 46 centimetres.

– basketball has sizes from 5 to 7. Optimal ball pressure 7-9 PSI. You can verify the correctness of the pump yourself by letting it go from a height of 1.80 m (from the bottom of the ball). It should bounce to a height of 1.20-1.40 m (relative to the highest point of the ball).

Each Spalding basketball has 122 pimples per 1 inch (2.54 cm).

– basketball backboard. It is worth knowing that it is of rectangular size 1.80 * 1.05 meters. It is fixed at a height of two meters ninety centimetres above the parquet.

Basketball as a sport is a technically challenging game with tactical positioning elements. To perform passes, throws, dribbling at a high level, perimeter players and fasting players must have high technical skills.

On average, an NBA player jumps 28 inches ( 71.12 cm ) from the ground.

Each player on the court fulfils his mission in accordance with the role. So, taller and more massive athletes are positioned in the roles of “centre”, “powerful forward” and “light forward”. Less tall team members with speed and developed possession play in the positions of “attacking defender” or “point guard”.

Often there are variations of street basketball ( streetball ), were one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three and four-on-four games are practised.

The development of basketball is associated with the American College of Springfield, USA (Springfield College). The game was invented by his teacher and graduate student James Naismith in 1891 and has grown into the world sports phenomenon that we know today.

On the example of basketball, another team sport, volleyball, took its development.

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