Babikov won the third race in a row at the Cup of Russia, Voronina won the super sprint

While all biathlon fans are waiting for the start of the main start of the season (2019/2020) of the world championship in Antholz, the eighth stage of the Russian Biathlon Cup is held in the Kirov region, where Russian biathletes who are not in the national team compete in quite spectacular disciplines: sprints, super spas and super sprints.

Also on the last day of the competition marathons are planned, but now we will talk in detail about those races that have already taken place. The results were interesting and at the same time quite logical.

At this stage of the Cup of Russia, of course, Anton Babikov is attracting great attention, who is forced to prove his high level by speaking in races at all-Russian competitions. I think few people doubt the high level of the biathlete, questions can only be about his physical form at the moment.

Among the current biathletes in the Russian Cup, Babikov is without a doubt the strongest, because of the three past races at the stage in Kirovo-Chepetsk, Anton won everything (sprint, super save and super sprint). Thus, the 28-year-old biathlete has three consecutive victories at all-Russian starts.

Perhaps this should not be very happy since it is not yet clear whether an experienced athlete will be able to create significant competition for biathletes at least in the IBU Cup. Nevertheless, after all the failures at the start of this season, for Babikov these are the first successes, albeit only at the Cup of Russia. There are already positive aspects: in the races, Anton demonstrated not only high-quality shooting but also the good speed at a distance. I think if she continues to show good results, the coaches will definitely give a chance to speak at the IBU Cup at the end of the season.

Not everything is so simple among women, but first of all, I would like to mention Tamara Voronina, who we remember speaking at the first three stages of the World Cup. The truth is unsuccessful, but I gained experience, which is also important.

At the Russian Cup stage in Kirovo-Chepetsk, the athlete has already won two medals. First, Tamara, with one penalty, finished second in the sprint, losing only to Irina Kazakevich. And after a couple of days, Voronin finally achieved the first golden success in the current winter season (2019/2020). She won the super sprint.

Undoubtedly, I would like the young athlete (and Tamara Voronina is 24 years old and by the standards of the Russian biathlon this is still a young age) not to get lost, speaking at the All-Russian starts. Still, the athlete has high-quality shooting and is sure to have great potential in physical terms. I think in the coming years will be useful to the women’s team.

At the 8th stage of the Cup of Russia in the competition program, there were still marathons (40 kilometres of men and 30 women). It will be interesting to observe in these disciplines both the performance of Babikov and Voronina.

Ryan Helton

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