Already five of our team’s in-game types have tickets to the Olympics, four more may be added to them

After the December women’s world championships and the January Old World men’s handball championship, which recently ended and was held simultaneously for the stronger sex and Euro 2020 girls in water polo, the overall picture regarding the performance at the upcoming Olympics of our team’s in-game sports became much clearer.

Water polo players in Budapest, Hungary, won silver and a ticket to Tokyo, where they will form a company for both volleyball teams and teams in the new Olympic discipline of 3×3 basketball. As for the flying ball masters, they are at the forefront among all Russian gamers, never having missed the largest sports forum of the four-year period both in recent history and during the USSR (not counting, of course, the boycott of Los Angeles 1984).

And this time, volleyball squads solved their tasks in obtaining permits in Tokyo on the first try and earlier than everyone else, having won tournaments of intercontinental qualification last August.

In 3×3 basketball, tickets to Japan went to our male and female teams without selection due to high places in the world ranking, which takes into account not only the results on the international arena, but also the activity of the national federation in conducting competitions in this discipline, plus the mass of participants in domestic tournaments.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the absence of our football players and soccer players at the Olympics, baseball and its softball variety more suitable for women in the country are poorly developed and few people are interested. Not pleased, but still pleasantly surprised usually hopeless representatives of field hockey. Both national teams did not fall out of the selection process three years before the Olympics, as was usually the case, but reached the last stage of qualification. Alas, the worthy rivalry of girls with Australians and matches between men and Indians ended in predictable defeats.

The most painful failure is the worst in history, the 22nd place of handball players at the European Championships, which put an end to hopes of getting to Tokyo. The team did not even get into the vast composition of world qualifications, head coach Eduard Koksharov received a resignation, everything will have to start from scratch.

The women’s handball team returned from Rio 2016 with gold and now is forced to continue on its way to Japan. From March 20 to 22 in the Hungarian city of Gyьерr, we will fight for one treasured ticket with the Magyars, Serbia and China. The most dangerous rival is mistresses. It was the club from Gyor that won the Champions League for three consecutive years, though, mainly due to the efforts of the legionaries, but also the local players of a very high class. Plus Hungary is guaranteed frantic support for six thousandth stands.

I want to believe in basketball players. Here, as head coach Sergei Bazarevich said, the main thing is not who the opponent is in the world selection, but in what composition the team will gather. There were already a lot of injured leading performers before the 2019 World Cup in China, where they took 12th place without a number of leaders.

Ryan Helton

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